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»The Only Modbus Driver You Will Ever Need«

Are You Sick And Tired Of LOSING TIME With Technical Headaches On How To Easily Implement Modbus TCP IP Into Your Solution?

  • Platform Independent
  • Reduces development time and cost
  • Build proxy
  • Integrated blacklist
  • Finally! A Complete All In One Modbus TCP IP Solution
  • Test Drive For Free

Made By Automation Specialist For Automation Specialist

A Complete All In One Modbus TCP IP Driver By GOAP

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Having a stable product on the market, ready to be bought by your customers is today with the financial crisis even more important than before. For us, developers of quality automation solutions this counts even double since the competition is fears and could release the product you are developing before you.

The team behind the Modbus driver has 20 years of experience in developing automation solutions for a big variety of projects such as automation solutions for residential buildings, business premises, hospitality, cruise ships, etc. we’ve seen and done it all!

As you know, no project is the same and thus we have used our experience and knowledge to develop the most flexible Modbus TCP IP driver currently on the market for you.

We wanted to design and build a Modbus driver that is transparent, flexible and scalable so that we can use the driver in any project and environment where it is required. Because of this we designed the Modbus TCP IP driver to run on any popular operating system such as Linux, Apple’s Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Now Also Available On Android
Besides being platform independent we wanted our driver to be open for any popular development platform on the market, we have managed to do so by making the driver accessible for the developer by a RESTful web service. Doing so gives you the possibility to use your existing development environment and have Modbus TCP IP functionality implemented within an as short as possible time.

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There is more… while having an open and transparent Modbus driver for your project is excellent and might fill all your requirements we have added some additional features which speed up your time to market. Have a look at the optional and fully configurable features we have put into our driver for you:

  • Build In Black List – If a Modbus device is not reachable, e.g. due to a malfunction the device is automatically blacklisted;
  • Build In Proxy – Delay Modbus commands to a device until the Modbus device is ready to receive or deliver the Modbus data packages;
  • Build In Log File – Get access to the commands send and received via the driver, making debugging a project as easy as possible;
  • Build In Testing Environment – You can directly test your Modbus devices once you’ve installed the driver with its build, simple to use test environment.

Get The Most Powerful Modbus TCP IP Driver On The Market Today Get Started Now And Try Our Modbus TCP IP Driver